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Why Buy this Book?

If you have recently inherited a stamp collection, or have tried to educate yourself only to realize the enormous task, read this section to get a handle on whether you have a hobby collection, a better than hobby collection or a serious collection. I have written this book for the novice as well as the advanced dealer or collector. My definitive book, "Stamp Collecting: The Everything You Want to Know Book" has an extensive photo section depicting what should be in the serious collection as well as the hobby plus. Of course there are rare stamps shown but more importantly I show stamps with cash value of $50.00 and up.

For your collection to be in the serious category you should have 10% of the illustrations I'm showing. To be in the hobby plus you must have a dozen examples of what I show. Please pay attention to the penny or dollar value as many stamps I show are of the higher denomination like $5.00 or one pound. What you may have in your collection might look like what I illustrate with the same design, but can possibly be the penny value of a long series starting at one penny and going to five dollars or for British stamps, one pound. The dollar or pound values were printed in much smaller numbers making them more valuable. If you are a collector, serious or novice, I will guarantee or your money back that this book will add to your knowledge of collecting.

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